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Achilleas' New Pet
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Achilleas' New Pet

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Welcome to my place!
I am Achilleas and I live in Greece. 
I have a lot of pets at home, and I love them all,
but see...I want to get a new pet now,
something different!  Any ideas?

My family

I've got a brother, Dionisis.

He is older than me and he knows a lot of things about


A cat; Size=240 pixels wide

includes three stories, each one dealing with a different issue.

The White Snail

is about self esteem and people's differences.

Let's Bake A Cake

talks about friendship and love.

Achilleas' New Pet

is about nature. The aim of this story is to make kids aware of the laws of nature and learn to respect all species on this planet.

Animals should be allowed to live in their natural habitat except in extreme cases when they are endangered and they need our protection

My story is in a print book
My story is included in Story Time, a colorful book for kids.

Story Time includes three stories for kids of all ages!

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