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Something Special About Sisters


By Melody Ravert



"Surprise!" a host of family and friends cheered as the guest of honor

stood in the doorway looking both surprised and pleased to see so many

familiar faces.


It was her 50th birthday party and keeping a secret from her was no

easy task.  As the delighted birthday girl made her way around the room,

those of us who planned the event could now sit back and enjoy the rest of the



"Were you curious about why Tom wanted to stop at the church?"


Brenda smiled. "Not really.  He said he had to meet one of the women

here about something."


"So you had no clue about the surprise party?"


"No, he was his usual arrogant self.  We gotten into an argument over

something trivial earlier in the evening.  Had he been nice to me, then

I would have suspected something."


I laughed, but something in her voice told me it was true.  Friends

they might have been, but anything beyond that...only time would tell.


Friends and family had been generous to bring a covered dish to help

keep the cost at a minimum.


The evening was very pleasant and even Tom was trying his best to be

nice to her.


Since everyone knew about my new publishing career, I decided to write

her a special poem and dedicate it to her.


Sisters Are Forever


This is dedicated to my sister, Brenda in celebration of her 50th



Brenda has always been a shining example to me of what a Christian is

all about.  She is always willing to minister to those in need.


With a heart of compassion, Brenda has reached out and helped those who

were in accidents, shared with those suffering from incurable diseases, and

touched many lives with her gift of song.


Over the years she extended her gift of music to others by teaching

them to use their talents, whether towards a career or personal goal.


I've seen her endure hardships when she would rely on God's strength

and provision to see her through.


She is an incredible lady.  For those who have had the pleasure of

knowing her, they have felt enriched by her love for Christ and for others.


If I had my choice of sisters, I would have chosen you!


Happy Birthday, Brenda
























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