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Read about Forbidden Passion, Alinka's new book:


A passion prohibited by the Roman Catholic Church.  When Mara Neill, married to a commercial pilot, goes to talk to her parish priest about some family issues, she falls in love with the handsome Fr. O'Dell.  Her husband, an ex-Navy pilot, threatens to kill the passionate priest.  In order to avoid a catastrophe, Mara convinces her husband to sue him instead.  The priest, torn by his love for Mara, a beautiful actress, and his love for the church, anguishes over whether to leave the church and marry her or attempt again to be true to his broken vow of celibacy.  When somebody discloses the sordid details of the lawsuit to the parishioners, they demand the bishop return the disgraced priest back to the flock or they will withhold their tithings. 


This novel full of sin runs the gamut of human emotions: joy, of meeting the lovely actress; love, with the wrong man; fear, of being caught; worry, that the priest will be laicized; jealousy, between the pilot and the priest; greed, they accused her of it; frustration of their lawyers; embarrassment, of the bishop; shame, of the victim; sin, they were all full of it; remorse, nobody had any of it!


The books is available in hardcover or trade paperback from, WaldenBooks, Barnes & Noble,, AuthorHouse,,  Bowkers Books In Print database, or from my website,






My book is entitled,

"My Private Hell: Struggle & Survival," by Gail Fonda,

and is available on or


It's short, but very revealing and to-the-point. I explain in detail about my personal emotional problems, as well as the physical problems I've had to endure as I go through the aging process. I start from my earlier life and move on

to the present.


I discuss my nervous illness, anxiety and depression, and the side effects associated with those problems, which sometimes made life almost unbearable for me. The book is both a memoir and a self-help book, because I reveal my innermost feelings, and how, at times I had to use illicit drugs to calm myself down. I think that's a common problem amongst very sensitive individuals, such as artists and actors. We read about that every day in the tabloids. I think famous people resort to alcohol or drugs to combat their feelings of insecurity and worthiness in the world, and even their low self-esteem, all problems I've had to deal with myself. And when you add to that the fact that I come from a dysfunctional, loveless, family, I had to find some way to make my way in the world.


The self-help part comes when I reveal how I use regular, daily exercise to help combat the negatives in my life, as well as help control newer problems, such as the high blood pressure, high cholesterol, migraines and even hot flashes. I describe how I got started exercising and where I am today with it. Exercise must be a mainstay in one's life for the benefits to work. Yes, exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, but it also helps to gain a positive attitude and gives you energy to pursue whatever your life's dreams might be, and, for me, that would be my writing!






I would like readers to know about my exciting new anthology of true inspirational stories, written by people from all over the world, called


The Simple Touch of Fate: Real People; Real Stories.


The Simple Touch of Fate will touch your heart, might bring a tear to your eye, a smile to your lips, and is sure to make you wonder, "Was that just a coincidence, or was it meant to be?

For further information, please visit my website:

I am the author of 14 non-fiction books and hundreds of essays and articles. If you would like to interview
me, I would be delighted.

Arlene Uslander



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