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Stelzer’s Travels

A Voyage to a Sensible Planet

Dan Hurwitz ,Inc,

 Bangor, Maine, USA, 2005, ISBN:  1-59113-669-5,

pp.573, USA $ 21.95


Highly Recommended


Literary Fiction/Philosophy


Reviewed by Liana Metal



Dan Hurwitz, a holder of Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a former head of On-line Data, Inc, lives in Texas with his wife and their three children. He has written articles in national periodicals and this is his first book. His book site gives ample information about his novel at


STELZER’S TRAVELS is a literary fiction novel that is set both on earth and on another planet, Luxenben.  The story is about two men who travel to this Utopian planet and confront a new reality so very different from the one on earth.  The author reveals details about the political, economic and social systems of Luxenben which are all based on the laws of nature.  The book is divided into 5 sections, each one dealing with a new part of the story and a new problem. The two men had different reasons for wanting to escape from earth, but they shared a common exasperation with the way humanity was running the place.


In STELZER’STRAVELS the author touches sensitive issues all related to our ‘real world’ on earth.  For example, on page 33 he writes about TV news that ‘pours despair’.  Another problem Dan mentions is that of the economic development on earth which destroys our ecology.  Luxenben, on the other hand, has saved their eco system.  The writer also focuses on religious issues.  All the topics he mentions are those we face on earth and they need urgent attention.  He even mentions education, criminal justice and political issues, giving the reader his own views and solutions to our planet’s current problems.

 The language Dan uses can be characterized as ‘highly elaborated’: rich vocabulary, complex sentences and sophisticated style combined with academic writing at times.  He writes in the first person, since Stelzer, the main hero of the story, identifies with the author.   Stelzer is a businessman turned philosopher who comes to enjoy a better life on a well-managed, pollution-free planet.  His friend, Neuman, begins as a religious fanatic who eventually reconsiders his theories about life and is totally transformed.  Through this novel the writer is seeking the ideal society on an ideal problem-freed planet.

STELZER’S TRAVELS caters to an audience who love Utopian realities and philosophy.  It may also cater to sociology students and those who do research on social and environmental matters.  It is suitable for deep thinkers and those who are keen on philosophizing about the future of the earth and the human species, but it also caters to  those who plainly love fiction, mystery and a highly original topic.  To sum up, this novel addresses an educated audience of adults.