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Silent Battlefields
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A novel by Hugh Rosen.

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Hugh Rosen

iUniverse, Inc.,

2021 Pine Lake Rd., Suite 100, Lincoln, Nebraska 68512

ISBN:  ISBN 0-595-34773-8 paperback; Price $16.95; 240 pages

ISBN 0-595-67153-5 hardback; Price $26.95; 240 pages

July 2005

Very Highly Recommended

Reviewed by Liana Metal


Hugh Rosen, the author of three books and the co-editor of three other books about cognitive development, moral reasoning, constructivism, and psychotherapy entered the Creative Writing Program of the English Department at Temple University and earned an M.A. degree at age seventy.   In 2005 at the age of seventy-four, Hugh is pleased to present Silent Battlefields: A Novel.  

Silent Battlefields: A Novel is a story of the impact of the Holocaust and its aftermath almost three decades later on a Polish Jewish family and a gentile German family.  When members of both families begin meeting and interacting, unexpected relationships emerge and startling revelations come to light. 

The story is about Selig Kruger who, after being a member of the Hitler Youth, becomes a German soldier during the Second World War.  While on a mission to find and kill Jews who are being hidden by a Christian family in a small Polish village, he spares the life of Eva, an adolescent girl, at the risk of his own life.  Yet he bears responsibility for leading her parents to their death. But what is going to happen to their families many years later?  How are they going to react when new developments in the plot introduce twists and turns for which members of the family are unprepared?

 Silent Battlefields: A Novel is a story of cruelty, and yet it is a testimony to the grandeur of the human spirit and an inspirational narrative of hope.  It will appeal to  fiction readers of all kinds.  It involves romance and mystery, adventure and philosophy, all embedded in an historical context.  It will make the readers think of their life and the priorities they have got. The language is emotionally evocative, and the writing style is plain enough to be read by people from all walks of life.


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