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A review of a great anthology of short stories!



More on the Line

By fiction Writers of the Monterey Peninsula

Edited by C.Kemp, B.Merritt and K.Jones

FWOMP PUBLISHING, 22597 Black Mountain Rd., Salinas, CA 93908 , 2005, paperback, pp.416, ISBN: 0-9760096-0-9,

USA $15.95

Short Story Anthology/Fiction


Very Highly Recommended


Reviewed by Liana Metal

Midwest Book Review reviewer


The group of ten fiction writers of the Monterey Peninsula, after their overwhelming success of their first anthology Monterey Shorts, have created MONTEREY SHORTS 2, a new anthology of 20 more stories that have already earned favorable critiques from a variety of people and publications.  Their website is at .


Joyce Krief, an award-winning author, has written the foreword of this book, while Chris Kemp displays the reasons that motivated those authors to write their short stories.  A map of the area follows, which is an interesting aspect of this anthology for those readers who are not familiar with Monterey Peninsula.  The 20 stories that are included are all highly enjoyable to read.  They transport readers to Monterey County, its legends and its daily life ordinary events that make a difference.


The genres in this anthology vary, from contemporary and historical fiction to paranormal and spiritual pieces.  For example, in Gods and Ghosts the author triggers the readers’ imagination, while Charlottes’Light is a historical fiction piece of the first woman who was a lighthouse keeper in Monterey.  All stories have something different and exciting to tell.


MONTEREY SHORTS 2 anthology comprises well-crafted short stories that will grasp the readers’ interest and keep it intact to the very end of each story.  The cover of the book is attractive and well designed, displaying Monterey County in a cartoon format image that is both modern and appealing to the audience. The artist, Daniel Koffman, is a product designer, graphic artist and businessman whose creative talent has produced this humorous image.  More info about his creations can be found at


This anthology is undoubtedly a very good read that caters to all fiction lovers, and it is available from








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